Bonnie Whitmore

Here's all the radio info you need! Let's get There I Go Again up the Americana Charts!
KCMP 89.3 FM Minneapolis/St Paul

WMUD Farm Fresh Radio Burlington/Plattsburgh 102.9 FM

KDRP Austin/Dripping Springs 103.1FM

KNBT San Antonio/New Braunfels, 
Request line 830.629.9292 or1.800.326.9292
M-F Americana Morning Show either 6-10am or 7-9am, also Sat 10pm-Midnight

KPFT Houston 90.1 FM
Studio line 713.529.5738
Shows to listen to
M-F 11am-1pm Wide Open Spaces DJ Roark Smith
Sat 9am-noon Lone Star Jukebox/Rick Heysquierdo
Sat noon-3pm Spare Change/Larry Winters

KSYM San Antonio 90.1 FM
Studio line 210.486.5796 (KSYM)
M-F 3pm-7pm Home Grown Tracks

KVNF Grand Junction CO
Studio line 970.527.4868 or 1.866.586.3669

Radio Free Americana   (listen online) 

Sirius XM Radio
The Loft/ Channel 30

Outlaw Country/Channel 60
1.888.656.88529 (OK OUTLAW)

WDBM Lansing 88.9 FM
Request line 517.884.8989
Tues. 8pm-midnight /Torch and Twang

WDVX Knoxville 89.9 FM
Check out the website…it’s all day long
Studio lines 865.544.1029x221 or 866.946.9389x221

WETS Johnson City 89.5 FM
Sat 12-1pm and check for others
No studio line.

WFPK Louisville 91.9FM
Studio Line 502.814.9375

WGCS Goshen 91.1FM
Request Line 574.535.7488

WGWG Boiling Springs 88.3FM
Request line 704.406.3525

WIKX Punta, FL 92. 9FM
Studio Line 941.206.1188
Host Wildman Steve

WLVR Bethlehem 91.3FM
Request Line 610.758.3913
Host Chance Austin 6am to 9 am

WNMF Tampa 88.5FM
Studio line 813.239.9663

WNCW Spindale/Greenville 88.7FM
Request line 828.287.8080
Email Cathy Walker

WWUH West Hartford 91.3FM
Studio line 860.768.5913
Host Ed McKeon 6am to 9am




Heading to Houston this Friday! Going to be playing McGonigel's Mucky Duck and will have the new record on hand! Please come out and help spread the word!!

THE DOWNLOAD CARDS ARE HERE!! Enter your code below or click on the Dropcard Download Tab to redeem your songs!



IT's that time of year again SXSW is almost upon us. Got some good showcases I'm part of this year! Here's the line ups


Wednesday the 13th @ The Dogwood inside stage 1:30PM

Thursday the 14th @ Lucy's Surfer Club 12:30PM

Friday the 15th @ The Whip In 4PM

Friday the 15th @ Flipnotics 6:40PM

HELLO ALL!! Here's some quick announcements! 1. The new album is being mastered today!!! SO EXCITED!! Scheduled release date is set for May 2013.

Here's what's coming down the pike, today is officially my last day of my 20's. So tomorrow, February 12 and my birthday, I'm having a huge party at Dan's Silverleaf in my home town of Denton. Andrew Delaney kicks off the show @8 and after party hang with the sounds of Juicy The Emissary and the deliciousness of "The Birthday cake". It's gonna be AWESOME!!

More things coming up! Keep your eyes out for the next Austin Monthly Music issue because I've been named 1 of the to 10 bands to watch for 2013! This happens right before SXSW!! I'll be posting more SX showcases soon!!


That's all for now! Keep checking back! -Bonnie



HEY EVERYBODY!! We reached our goal on the kickstarter! There's still a few hours left if you still want to contribute, but we WILL be making my new record!!

Special thanks to all of you who contributed:

Paul, Heatherjank, Amy Silvers, Jeremy Faulkner, Shawna Lea Kelley, Joseph Mayer, Tim Criswell, Chris Morrissey, Kristan Taylor, Baron Lane, april wolfe, Colin Gilmore, Dani Shaw, Charlie Faye, Leslie Gregory, Amanda, Mop End, Scott Peek, Chris Franklin, Scott Mackdanz, Tom McGehee, Adam Shepherd, Wölfli Imhof, Steven C. Newcomb, Bobi Harmon, Byron Sorrells, john red-horse, Evan Phillips, Dana Jones, patrick begley, 32memories, Sean Courtney, Simon, Jay Randall, Philip Haines, Brian Tracey, Marilyn G Taylor, Nancy Coplin, Elijah Miller, Aimee Bobruk, Kingsnake (Ron Baker), Takashi Nanke, Mitch Norris, Jenni Mansfield Peal, Cara, Teresa Schaub Brackeen, David Nelson, Ed Verosky, Chriss Echlin, Janet Nelson, Carol Graham, Kevin Killoran, Rich Tulp, Shawnna, Jamie Eng, Cristiano Osti, Kay Cordtz, Jim Marshall, Jeremy Steding, Kathy Vickers, Dian Calvert, Kensuke Omori, Deborah, David Coulter, BillieJo Sheehan, Jim Chapin, Theresa, Doug Van Quekelberg, Drusilla Gassenheimer, Voni and Paul Glaves, Alex Torrez, Chris Bynum, Michael Scully, Marty Singer, Jordan Ford, T.G. Caraway, Kenneth Thomas, Roald Hansen, Bob McAdam,Sandro Pansa, Dave Parsons, Ryan Norman, Ronnie de Champs, Jano Gudevold, Brian K Ullrich, William Sinclair, Thomas G. Frahn, Malachy Kearney, Lloyd M. Lakey, Phil Fouts, Tara Staglik, John W. Heacock, James Kirkland, Richard Chipman, Branden Williams, Robert Salmon, Gabor Racz, Tiffany, Ed W. Wey, Richard Lanahan, Bud Van Duesen, James K. Adamson, Louis Garvin, Bunny Hodges, Betsy Angleton, Shannon Canada, Becky Pepper, Kathryn Bloss, Kerby Haltom, Brent, Chris King, Coleen Ahern, JB Poersch, Bruce Levy, Tina Cone, Joseph D. Stockton, 1960Strat, Matt Staples, Spring lee, David McQuitty, Don Swindle, Brian Saunders, Susan Applegate, Mishell Kneeland, Teresa Andrews, Ralph and Betty McGregor, Tom Whitmore, Peggy Kirk, Beth Danziger, Alex Whitmore, Georgia Bramhall, Joan Myers, Paul Oveisi, Craig Nadel, Dick and Betty, Roger Tomes, Nancy Whitmore, Luke Jackson, Randy Smith, Christian Long, Greg Johnson, Brian Massey, Aileen Hummel, Cary Ann Hearst, Nancy Venditti, Cyrus Mccormick-Goodhart, William A. Holmes Jr, Erin Reat, Johanna Cranitch, Mary Keranen Charrow, Tommye Linan, Danielle Lee, Steve Connelly, Tom Emmert, Angela Roeder, Candace Walker, David Sellinger, Whit Hyde, Nancy Hill, and finally Mark Cassell!!

You've made it possible!! THANK YOU!


Here's the newest video for the kickstarter!!


Welcome to my new website!

I've going to be going into the studio in Dec. Please help me raise the funds and visit my kickstarter campaign!!

Here's the video